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Sunhouse 40W Eco Tubular Heater with 1ft Tube and Built In Stat Thermostat
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Sunhouse 40W Tubular Heater with Built In Thermostat

The ends of the unit are a light brown colour

Brackets are included for wall or floor mounting
Fitted with 1.5m Long cable and a standard 3 Pin UK Plug

This tubular heater will provide a safe, low level of heat output as it is designed for continuous operation and will 
reach normal operating temperatures within a few minutes after the appliance is switched on. 
Based on the surrounding environment and ambient temperature, the heater may periodically 
cycle its heat output to ensure the maximum permitted surface temperature is not exceeded.
All models are splash proof to IPX4 standard.

The heater is fitted with an adjustable thermostat which allows the user to control the heat output.
In order to maintain a certain room temperature, set the controller to the maximum setting.
Operate the appliance at full power until the required room temperature is reached. 
Set back the thermostatic controller until the appliance switches off with an audible ‘click’. 
This temperature will be kept almost constant by the thermostatic control switching on and off automatically.
Please note that the appliance can only be switched on when the thermostat setting is higher than the room temperature.
At its lowest setting the heater will provide a level of protection against frost.

The actual tube is approx 1 foot long - but overall length of heater is approx 408mm
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